How to plan for a successful renovation

Planning for your Reno

A properly executed bathroom renovation can add serious wow factor and value to your property. But if not well thought out, can cost serious money and turn into a renovation nightmare. Here are some simple tips to ensure your dream bathroom runs smoothly!

Plan, plan and plan some more. Planning is key to any successful project and even more so when looking at bathrooms. Unexpected changes halfway through can lead to throwing a lot of money down the toilet (pun intended). Before you start renovating, have a clear picture of what you would like your bathroom to look like and the location of any toilets, sinks, showers etc. Being able to incorporate existing item locations in your bathroom can also save a lot of cost as waste plumbing may not need to be altered.

Before embarking too deeply into your renovation, it is always recommended to get a licensed plumber to inspect the existing pipework. Replacing burst pipes in a finished bathroom is not an easy or cheap exercise so a thorough inspection and replacement of old pipework is a must.

Spending time thinking about the desired height and location of taps and fittings is also a must. It can be very difficult to adjust this once construction has started so a good line of communication with your plumber will ensure your desired look is achieved.

Frosty’s plumbing is pleased to have worked on a variety of successful bathroom renovations and we have helped many of our clients throughout the design phase through to completion. If you would like to know more about how Frosty’s Plumbing can keep your renovation hassle free, please contact us today!

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